Q: What are your masks made out of?
A: Our patterned masks are made out of 100% cotton on the front with non-woven layer on the back to aid in filtration. This is similar to what a disposable surgical mask has on the back layer, as seen in the attached photo. Our mask is on the left, and a disposable surgical mask is on the right. 

Q: How do we clean these?
A: Hospitals who are using these masks are having their employees wash them at home just with their regular clothes. The virus has a lipid layer on the outside that basically dissolves with soap (which is why washing your hands is suddenly so important), so just a normal wash is fine. You can bleach the white ones, but we don't recommend bleaching the prints. It is best to air dry them for longevity. ANOTHER TIP - put the mask outside up on your dashboard when you're not wearing it. The sun is one of the best disinfectants there is!

Q: What places are you donating to for your buy one/donate one program?
A: We are donating to hospitals who are asking for them, first responders, but also grocery workers and other essential workers who are keeping our supply chains going. Please let us know if you know of a group that would benefit from these masks! None of this will fall under a traditional "donation" for tax reasons, but these are where they are needed most.

Q: When are you getting new print options?
A: Every time we can find it!

Q: How soon can I get the masks?
A: We are shipping daily! Generally, what's on the website can ship same day if ordered by 2pm. Orders placed after 2pm will ship the next business day.

Thanks everyone for your support as we pivot from our long standing business - www.amlinenrental.com - during these crazy times.